Engage 2015



Scotland Legend Euan Murray Testimony Launched in UK


Scotland international rugby legend Euan Murray shared an exclusive interview about his faith and rugby with David Streton-Downes of Engage 2015. The video has received substantial positive feedback and views through major social channels, mainly on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, the video reached over 43k people in the first week and was shared over 190 times.

The video testimony has received many positive comments from people around the UK.

  • Excellent testimony…glory be to God
  • Interesting interview with Euan Murray. Worth watching!!
  • This is so powerful. He had everything but later realised he missed something/ had a void that only Jesus could fill and make him whole. There is power in the Name of Jesus
  • Yes, yes, yes, amazing interview! ¬†Watch & listen, Then “Share” this.
  • Great interview from a true legend and man of God!

This level of media attention has not be unfamiliar, as many of the other interviews produced by Engage 2015 during the world cup have received similar reach.

Euan Murrays Interview is now airing globally and many media organizations are seeing to air in countries such as Japan, France and the US. The interview can be watched and shared here.