Engage 2015



Engage2015 is an umbrella organisation comprising Churches who want to serve those attending the Rugby World Cup.

To that end Engage2015 is facilitating the potential accomodation requirements of families of those participating in the National Squads and the Match Officials.

Please note we do not guarantee to find you accommodation but will try our best and we will contact you shortly by e-mail to update you.

We do not provide match tickets so you will need to purchase these yourself.

You will need to ensure you have appropriate medical and travel insurance and ensure you have any visas required for travel to the UK from your home country.

Guests are expected to cover all their expences. Breakfast will be provided by hosts but guests are expected to provide their lunch time and evening meals.

Please enter your details and follow the instructions so that we can help you find your accommodation.

*Please note data collected will be held by Engage2015 and used by the team to facilitate your accommodation. The information provided will be shared with your host but will not be provided to third parties.

We may contact the Team Manager for your National Squad to confirm your eligability to participate in this scheme.