Engage 2015



Japanese delegates to visit RWC 2015 & Engage 2015


Engage 2015 will be welcoming delegates from Japan during Rugby World Cup. The delegates, from a variety of churches in Japan, will be visiting the UK to see how Engage 2015 has developed resources for churches and how churches are working to reach their communities at this time.

In 2019 Japan will be the host nation for Rugby World Cup. This is very exciting as it will be the first time the event has been held in Asia.

Earlier this year Marty Woods from Fusion Youth and Community and Engage 2015 was in Japan to run their first Rugby Festival in East Osaka one of the recently announced Host cities.

Marty says the event ‘drew hundreds of people and gave local Christians insight into how possible and feasible it is for Churches to be at the centre of communities.’

Amongst the Japanese there is a great interest in what is happening in England so a team from a number of host cities are planning to visit the UK for the first week of the World Cup. They’re being hosted by a Japanese church in Wimbledon and have the church leader there as their tour guide and host.

The delegates will arrive in the UK two days before RWC begins and and leave on the 23rd. September. The numbers still being finalised and could be 10 or more. Please pray for the Japanese leaders who are raising money to visit as some are still deciding whether they can make it.