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Hundreds of church events taken place around UK during Rugby World Cup 2015

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The Rugby World Cup has been a host to many things, but also the success of hundreds of church and community events taking place. It has been great to see so many churches have used Rugby World Cup as an opportunity to reach out to their communities.

The Engage 2015 resources have been widely used for breakfasts, quizzes, fairs and festivals. It is wonderful to see how churches have taken the resources and used them to reach people of all ages and stages, from young children to youth and adults. Churches have also been complimenting the resources by incorporating their own Christian rugby contacts as speakers.

A number of events have been based on screening games and have also shown testimonies from the Game of Life DVD and handed out the Luke and Acts Bibles. Many have reported that this has provided them with some great conversation starters and opportunities to further build relationships with those outside the church.

One church in Teddington, St Marys, shared about the success of their event, a Parish fete, with the whole community involved. Rev Joe Moffat said ”It was great to have the New Bishop attend the event and see what great community is taking place and how sport can really bind people together.”

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