Engage 2015



Engage Global Prayer Wave crosses continents on eve of Rugby World Cup


The Engage global prayer wave began at 8:00 pm on Thursday 17 September local time, hours before kick off of Rugby World Cup 2015. New Zealand, the current holders of the Cup and the first country to greet the new day began the wave which then travelled around the globe.

In the 24 hours before the opening of Rugby World Cup there were over 100 tweets using the #RWCPRAYERWAVE hash tag. It is estimated that around 400 people in unity across the globe were part of the prayer wave for the Rugby World Cup tournament.

Says David Chawner, UK Coordinator,  “The idea of a wave of prayer spreading around the world certainly caught the imagination of many across the globe. It is my hope that others will see its value and pick up the concept for future events.”

Chris Headon, part of a group praying in North London says, ‘‘It didn’t matter how small our group was, we knew that we were an integral part of the whole, linking right round the world, bringing God to the centre of the Rugby World Cup.”

Will Thompson, leader of the Japanese delegation visiting Engage 2015 in preparation for the Rugby World Cup in Japan in 4 years time said, “It was very encouraging to be a part of the prayer wave while we were in England with Engage 2015. Being in a new country with brothers I had just met and praying together for the world of Rugby, sport, and ministry in the UK and around the world was powerful and a real blessing. It definitely inspired us to develop a prayer strategy and network as we pray and prepare for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan as well as the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. When we pray in the name of Jesus God hears and answers us – things happen. Engage 2015 is doing great things and prayer is the power source. We have taken this vision and passion with us back to Japan and encourage every follower of Jesus to join the Global Prayer Wave – that God would move mightily for His Kingdom and glory during the 2015 Rugby World Cup.”

Engage 2015 organised the first global prayer wave for Rugby World Cup a year ago and as part of the prayer resources there were topics for the prayer wave. Should you wish to continue praying for Engage and Rugby World Cup throughout the tournament there are a number of guides as part of the Engage prayer resources and also a daily prayer diary, available to download from the link below: http://engage2015.co.uk/resources/prayer-calendar/