Engage 2015



Engage 2015 develop special Luke & Acts RWC edition with Biblica Europe


Engage 2015 has partnered with Biblica Europe to develop a Special Luke & Acts New Testament Rugby World Cup Edition. One of Engage 2015’s key roles is to provide churches with inspiration, information and resources as they build relationships in their local communities around the Rugby World Cup while Biblica’s mission is to transform lives through God’s word, thus the publication of this special edition is a fitting partnership.

The book is titled Game of Life, drawing readers attention to a game bigger than rugby, called ‘life’. It is also prefaced with an introduction and interviews from four of Engage’s player ambassadors and includes a reading plan for individuals, groups or organisations to use.

This pocket sized, read-through NIV edition of two books of the bible is aimed at those interested in rugby with an evangelistic feel. It is ideal for offering as a gift at events or to have on hand for friends.

Engage 2015 is calling churches to equip themselves for evangelism by obtaining the books, and using them at their events planned, during and beyond the Rugby World Cup this summer.

The Game of Life Luke & Acts is a key component of the overall Game of Life Resource produced by Engage 2015 and more information to explore and purchase can be found at www.gameofliferesource.co.uk. The books can be purchased online in quantities of 100 and 1000.