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Engage 2015 CEO, David Chawner speaks with Clare Balding on BBC2

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LONDON – David Chawner UK co-ordinator of Engage 2015 was invited to speak as a faith guest on the Clare Balding show aired on BBC radio 2 on Sunday 1st November between 7:30 and 8am.

As the key faith guest, David Chawner spoke on and provided reflections on Rugby World Cup as well as the final, which fell on 31 October the same date as Halloween.

When asked whether being it was a challenge to get churches to engage with Rugby World Cup Chawner says: “It was a challenge because it’s getting churches to see that what we can meet people where they are.”

Talking about the shared values between sports and Christianity Chawner says, “There is something about being part of something bigger, I think that’s what God’s given us and in sport that can get misplaced but God is beyond that and is deserving of our love.”

To conclude the interview, there was a moment of reflection with Reverend David Chawner sharing: “So the All Blacks, are the champions of the Rugby Union World Cup 2015. Congratulations to them and commiserations to Australia.

As in any sporting competition we always knew there could be only one winner, yet the 102 national squads that set out on the quest for that prize all gave it their very best, and that for an honour that lasts only four years.

Having see it first hand, the years of dedication hard work and sacrifice involved, I am challenged to reassess my commitment as a follower of Jesus. Through his death and resurrection Jesus has won for us a greater prize, forgiveness and a relationship that lasts forever. But do I put half the effort these athletes have shown into that relationship with Jesus and his way of life? As the apostle Paul said: Do you not know that in a race all the runners run but only one gets the prize. Run in such a way as to get the prize.

May the All Blacks prove worthy champions and may I on this All Saints Day prove worthy of those who have given their best in the game of life and especially worthy of my champion Jesus.”

LISTEN: For those of you who missed it, the broadcast is still available to listen to until 30 November here.