Engage 2015



Details set for Japanese leaders visit to Rugby World Cup 2015


As part of the Engage 2015 legacy, the team will be working to equip pastors and Christian leaders visiting from Japan.  Rugby World Cup 2019 will be a big event for the Churches in Japan – to use sport to connect with their communities in a totally new way.

The main organisers of the group are Will Thompson an American living in Japan who works as a chaplain to baseball players – the biggest sport in Japan. He is very involved in the organising team for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Another key figure is Pastor Michi – he runs a Christian school, pastors a church and tries to get Churches involved in sports ministry.

The 8 man team from Japan plan to be at the Church service commissioning night on the Thursday 17th September, at Twickenham, an Opening Night Festival, a Sports Quiz and a Rugby dinner. They are being hosted by the Churches in Rugby and London, and will view how the Churches are working actively together throughout the UK with a plan to replicate in 4 years time.

The team will undergo a Major Team briefing on the Engage 2015 campaign taking place this summer, with key leaders from the Engage 2015 team delivering plans and strategy.