Engage 2015



The aim of Engage 2015 isn’t just to encourage local church outreach around RWC 2015, but to create a lasting legacy for God’s kingdom through both locally, nationally & internationally.


Resources – All our resources are designed to be usable for a considerable time beyond RWC 2015. Although the Engage 2015 website will eventually close down, the Engage Media Hub and Resources sites will continue and will have additional material.

Christmas – When the Rugby World Cup ends on 31st October, Christmas will be just around the corner. This offers tremendous opportunities to follow up on contacts made with invitations to Christmas events at church.

New Year – You may not want to be thinking about 2016, but early New Year with its dark nights and post Christmas blues is often a time when people are looking for things to do. So this could be a good time for follow up events for new contacts and even Alpha/Christianity Explored courses.


At a national level we are praying for:

Fresh Thinking – churches gearing outreach around what is happening in the community rather than what is happening in the church

Fresh Relationships – between churches, local communities, rugby clubs, and schools

Fresh Options – new simple and creative ideas for outreach that can be incorporated into a local church programme

Fresh Resources – churches introduced to mission agencies and practical resources they may not have heard of before

Fresh Boldness – churches and individuals with an increased confidence to share their faith in every situation, including within sport


The host nation for the next Rugby World Cup, RWC 2019, is Japan. And we are thrilled to be hosting a delegation from the Japanese church to help them explore how they can engage around that tournament.

All that we do in the UK in 2011 will be noted and by God’s grace have a ripple effect thousands of miles away four years down the line.